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Barbara: Freedom Suit, Scott County

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of your oritrixes [oratrixes] time by reason of sickness of confinement in bearing of said child or children, the father should be intitled [entitled] to it or them, and that none of your oraxtrixes [oratrixes] children Should ever be held in slavery She further states, that afterwards to with, on the [blank] day of [blank] 18[blank] a certain Austin day, a free man of colour entered into a contract and agreement with the said Stephen Osbourn your oratrixes said Master as followith, [followeth] to with, It was there and then agreed upon mutually by and between the said Stephen and the said Austin that the said Austin Should take the whole of the said Stephens Farm, whereon he then lived and cultivate it with the assistance of your oratrix could render him after doing such things for her said Masters family as was there and then agreed on by and between the Said parties, also to have the use of the farming utensils and of one horse he the said Austin finding one horse of his own, and the whole to be boarded at the expence [expense] of the said Stephen until the first crop should be raised and afterwards the said Austin to board himself and his beast or beasts and the said Austin was annually to have one fourth of the whole of every thing that Should be raised and made on the sd. plantations, and it was further agreed by and between the said Stephen Osburn and the said Austin day That if your oratrix should have one or more children by the said Austin that he the said Austin should find a hand to work in your oratirxes [oratrixes] place whenever your oratrix should be confined by sickness or inability in consequence of such child bearing and that

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the said Austin should maintain any child or children your oratrix might so have by the said Austin and in case the said Austin did make up such lost time of your oratrix and maintain such child or children so as to keep the said Osburne free from all chores on their account there and in such case the said child or children and all of them that your oratrix should have, should be free and never bound to service to the said Osburn or any other person, but be taken and be as children free born, but no writings were executed between the said parties although the said contract was to continue for and during the natural life of the said Stephen Osburn, the said Osburns own children had all left him for several years before that time and secured to Abandon their parents in an [unfealing?] [unfeeling] manner. She further states that the said Austin Day immediately entered on the execution of his part of the said contract and continued for about two years to do so in good faith and much to the satisfaction of the said Stephen Osburn at the expiration of which time your oratrix was delivered of a son and Daughter to the said Austin at our birth, the said Austin Also procured a suitable person who worked in your oratirxes [oratrixes] place for all her lost time in consequence of her having said children and all done to the full and ample Satisfaction of the Said Stephen. He the said Austin further maintained said children and fully kept the said children