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Hannah: Freedom Suit, Arlington County (Part 3 of 3)

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The Deposition of Frances Brown taken at the office of Robert J Taylor on Friday the 13th day of October 1837 to be read in evidence on the Trial of a suit depending before the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia at Alexandria in which negroe Hannah and others are plaintiffs and Arthur P West and another is defdt The said witness being first duly sworn to testify the truth in the matter aforesaid deposes and says that he is now nearly sixty five years of age. that he has resided in Prince Georges County Maryland since the year 1797. that from 1797 til 1801 he resided at the woody and in the employment of Mrs West - the mother of Stephen West. That since 1801 he has lived at other places in said County[.] That he was acquainted with a colored woman name Rebecca the wife of Charles Jackson a free colored man, that Rebecca had two children one named Peggy and one named Hannah the plf in this suit. that the complts Milley, Arnold, Sophia, Hannah William & Robert are children of said Peggy - that Hannah had one child Rebecca, now or lately in jail in Alexandria, that Rebecca Hannah the wife of Charles Jackson this deponent Respondent was informed by Stephen West was purchased by him for said Charles Jackson who was to serve him at the