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Hannah: Freedom Suit, Arlington County (Part 3 of 3)

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She never knew either of them to be held or claimed as slaves by Stephen West and she never knew of either of them being held or claimed as slaves by Arthur P. West until within a few years past when he put them or some of them in Jail at Upper Marlborough[.] To the fifth she knows the persons mentioned in this Interrogatory by sight - is not intimately acquainted with them. 5th answer. She never did. But has heard old Mr Isaac Ball uncle of Isaac and John say that he believed they were as free as he was. To the 6th. Answer by sight only. When Arthur West was [engaged? enjoined?] in taking up some of the negroes to commit them to Marlboro Jail. Witness said to old Isaac Ball she believed they were free. Isaac Ball replied he believed they were as free as he was. And Benjamin Swann replied yes and Arthur West believes so too. only it is the money he wants. And further says not[.] Ann Gray The foregoing Depositions were taken before us Justices of the Peace of Alexandria County at the time & place in the Caption thereof stated. Given under our hands this 11th May 1839[.] Charles Scott Chas. M Knight