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Hannah: Freedom Suit, Arlington County (Part 3 of 3)

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Negro Hannah et al vs. A P West et al } In Chancery in the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia for Alexandria County Interrogatories propounded to, and the answers thereto of Francis Darcey a witness for the deft. in the above cause taken at Alexandria in the 1st day of June 1839 by consent of the parties in the above cause. Inty. 1st. Do you know the parties in the above cause & where you born, what is your age, and place of residence? Ans. I do. I was born in Prince Georges County within three miles of the Woodyard[,] my age is forty nine. I live within four miles of the Woodyard now. and never have lived further from it than four miles. Inty 2d. Did you know Stephen West (the father of the Deft above) If you state when you knew him and how long and did you know a mulatto man named Charles Jackson who was in the service of said S West. if yea - how long & in what time did you know him? Ans. I have known Stephen West from the year eighteen hundred up to the time of his death. I knew Jackson from the year eighteen hundred up to the time of his death. Inty 3. Did you know the said S West & the said C Jackson well & intimately.