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Hannah: Freedom Suit, Arlington County (Part 3 of 3)

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Ans. I did so. Inty 4th. Do you know of have you ever heard any thing about a contract between the said S West and the said Jackson for the freedom of the wife of the said Jackson or for the freedom of the children of the said Jackson. if yea state all you know or have heard about it? Ans. I never knew or heard anything about any such contract until after the suit here was brought. Inty 5th. Do you or not know any thing about the terms upon which Jackson served the said S West? Ans. I always understood from the time that I first knew Jackson that Genl. S.. West paid him sixty dollars a year wages. Jackson has often told me so. From my own knowledge from eighteen hundred and twelve Genl. West paid him sixty dollars a year . Genl. S West has often told me that he always paid Jackson sixty dollars a year wages. And that Jackson was in his debt at that. Inty 6th. Do you or not know whether the children and grandchildren of said Jackson were in the possession of the said S West and whether or not he claimed them and held them as his slaves: if yea state all your knowledge thereof? Ans. Certainly I do. I know that he held them and claimed them as his slaves, that they were always in his possession and lived with him from the time that I first knew him up to

the time of his death. Inty 7th. Do you know whether or not any of Jackson's children or grandchildren ever went about as free persons. or whether they were reputed and believed to be free in the neighbourhood? Ans. No never to my knowledge nor nobody else ever knew it. ══ The Complainants except to the answer of the witness to the 5th Interrogatory of Deft and to the Defts 7th Interrogatory. ══ Cross Examined by Complts. 1. How old is your brother Edward Dorsy who has been before this time examined as a witness in this cause on behalf of complts. Answer. He is from sixty three to sixty four. He is thirteen or fourteen years older than I am & is now alive. I saw him yesterday. and he looks to be a heartier man than I am. 2. Where did your said brother Edward live from the earliest period of your knowledge. where did he continue to reside & where does he now reside. and had he or not as good an opportunity as yourself of knowing the facts relating to Stephen West & to Charles Jackson & the right to freedom of said Jackson's children and grandchildren stated by you in the present deposition? Answer. He lived with my father when I first recollect him, where he lived until he was a young man until he got free. when he went to Washington he then lived in the Forest of Prince Georges' and was an overseer in Prince Georges with an interval of one or two years when he lived