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Hannah: Freedom Suit, Arlington County (Part 3 of 3)

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on the Eastern Shore, when he came back to the county of Prince George & has lived ever since in the neighbourhood of the Woodyard, having been an overseer at the Woodyard for Richard West - the brother of Stephen West & during the life of the latter. My said brother Edward had a right to know Jackson before myself and had as good opportunity as myself of knowing all the relations between Stephen West and Charles Jackson & about the right to freedom of his children & grandchildren. 3. Where did Jackson live? Did he live on the land of S. West & did not his children live with him? Answer. Jackson lived on General West's land and his children lived with him. 4. Did you know Rebecca the wife of Jackson and when did she die? Answer. I know nothing about Rebecca. 5. When was Hannah born & when was Peggy born, the children of Charles Jackson. Answer. I don't know. 6. Did Jackson ever tell you that his wages from Mr West for the years previous to 1812 were at $60 a year? Answer. He told me that his wages were $60 a year ever since he had been living with him - that is that General West had always paid him sixty dollars a year. 7. Do you know what Jackson's wages were in the year 1800? Answer. I do not. 8. Do you know what his wages were in 1807 or 1808 or 1809? Answer. I do not.