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Hannah: Freedom Suit, Arlington County (Part 3 of 3)

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Reexamined by Deft's counsel - 1st Inty. Have you been deputy sheriff of Prince George's County[?] if yea - have you ever sold in pursuance of your duties as such deputy any of Gen'l West's slaves. If yea what slaves have you sold. and did any one object to such sale? Ans. I was deputy sheriff in that county in 1813[,] 1814 and 1815. in 1825. 26. 27. & 28 - and I have sold some of Genl. West's slaves[.] I have sold three of Jackson's grandchildren and there never was any objection made by any body to the sale. Inty 2d. Was Jackson alive then (at the time of such sale) & did he object to it. Ans. Jackson was alive and he did not object to the sale of his grandchildren. Inty 3d. Did Jackson know Further the deponent saith not. Francis Darcey Sworn to before me. Newton Keenes JP Commission & notice to take the above deposition is waived by consent. Th. Summers