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Hannah: Freedom Suit, Arlington County (Part 3 of 3)

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4. Cross examined by Counsel for Complts. 1. Did not Rebecca die long before your recollection Answer. She died before my recollection 2. Do you recollect when Charles Jackson first began service for your father? Answer. I do not. 3. When did you first begin to manage for your father? Answer. Ever since I was of age. 4. How old are you at this time September 1838? Answer. I will be forty next April. 5. When you first began to manage for your father was not Jackson in his employ and did he not continue in it up to the time of his (Jackson's) death? How old was Jackson when he died? Answer. To the first branch of the question he answered in the affirmative and to the second that to the best of his knowledge Jackson was about sixty years old when he died. 6. Where do you now reside. and how long have you lived at your present place of residence? Answer. I reside in Wood County Virginia and have lived there for nine years. 7. In your answer to the 19th question of deft. you say that you never knew Jackson's children to go about as free persons. Does your knowledge on that point extend to any occurrences which might have taken place since your removal to Wood County. Answer. It does not extend to any thing since my removal. 8. Did your father ever sell any of the children or grandchildren of Jackson? Answer. Yes. He sold three of Pegg's children. 9. Was that before or after the death of Charles Jackson? Answer. I think it was after the death of Charles