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Hannah: Freedom Suit, Arlington County (Part 3 of 3)

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10. In your answer to the 15th question of Defts. you say that you know nothing of any contract between your father & Charles Jackson for the liberation of Jackson's children. Might not such a contract have existed for any thing you know to the contrary? Answer. It might. I suppose that if such a contract had existed I would have known it. 11. Are you positive that no such contract did exist? Answer. I am not positive but I do not believe there was any for I think I should have heard of it. 12. Did your father keep a regular account against Jackson on his books and did he take receipts from Jackson for payments to him? Answer. He did not keep any regular accounts & he has seen him take receipts from Jackson for payments for wages due to him. 13. Was this after you commenced managing for your father? Answer. Before & after. 14. Are any of Jackson's receipts in your possession or do you know where they are? Answer. I have none & don't know where they are but presumes they were destroyed in the burning of his father's dwelling houses when most of his papers were destroyed. And further deponent saith not. Chs. H. L. West