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Jacob: Chancery Cause, Powhatan County (Part 2 of 2)

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In obedience to a decree pronounced by the Circuit Superior Court of Powhatan on the 4th day of May 1841 in a cause therein depending between Higginson Hancock exor of Elizabeth Rowzie decd plt and Jacob and others formerly slaves of the said Elizabeth Rowzie decd. The subscriber appointed a Commissioner by the said decree proceeded to comply with the terms thereof and now presents the following account showing the manner in which the same has been executed Your commissioner having paid to the defendants, Reuben and Stephen $100 each, and discharged them from his custody, as directed by said decree, and caused the other defendants and their increase born since the filing of his bill, except the girl Charlotte who had run away and has not yet been retaken to be registered in Powhatan County Court, and having provided the necessary means for their removal, proceeded in the month of July last to remove the said defendants and their increase, with the exception aforesaid, to the County of Franklin in the state of Ohio, where he settled them on a tract of land of 100 acres, purchased of Syne Starling Jr. the title of which is considered safe by eminent counsel connected in respect thereto: and has herewith exhibited the deed of said Starling & wife therefore, which has been duly recorded in the proper office in the state of Ohio. Your commissioner also deposited in the hands of the defendant Sarah $26.66, and in the Clinton Bank in Columbus, Ohio, $40 payable to her order in one and two years for the benefit of the defendants Merit & Rose, and retains in his hands $33.33 for the defendant Charlotte whenever she may appear. The appropriations aforesaid, & the expenses incident to such removal and settlement, will appear by reference to the subjoined statement.