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Barbara: Freedom Suit, Scott County (Part 1 of 2)

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to wit Isaac Richmond purchasing or pretending to purchase the claims of all the heirs of the said Stephen Osburn deceased to your Oratrix and her said children and declaring the said will to be of no amount seized violently your oratrix beat her and forced her away on his journey to his residence in Franklin County in the state of Tennessee with an intention to make a slave of your oratrix forever and he also attempted to git possession of your oratrixes said children (who are both yet under the age of twenty one years) for the purposes of making salves forever of them which he the said Richmond would have it in his power easily to do from the great distance at which he lives from this place and that distance towards the south western part of this country from which place your oratrix could so readily be forced off by [water?] to distant parts from which she never could obtain the [illegible] of her freedom. And your oratrix further charges that the great haste with which the said business has been conducted is occasioned by the appearance of [said?] Comfort Osburn which shews that she can best live but a short time.

She further states that the said Isaac Richmond would have succeeded in forcing your oratrix away and enslaving her had it not been that a certain William Robinson had purchased the claim of one of the said heirs to your oratrix and followed the said Richmond and took your oratrix from him by force and if the said Robisan [perceives?] that his interest in your oratrix by the said purchase is nothing she has no hopes he will follow again or protect her your oratrix any further. She further states that the situation of your oratrix and her said children is a most dangerous situation because one of the said heirs to wit William Kilgore has in your worshipful court administered on the estate of the said Stephen Osburn with the will anexed (there being no Executor appointed) and is also interested in depriving your oratrix and her said children of their right to freedom all which is contrary to Equity &c The prayer therefore of your oratrix is that that your worships will permit your oratrix in form of a poor person to sue in your worships court for herself and her said children and that this her said bill may be [recorded?] and that all the said heirs may be made defendants to this her said bill and [answer?] the same &c together with the said Comfort Osburn (and that a guardian may be appointed for the said Comfort who is incapable either to act or judge for her self) and the said William Kilgore as administrator and that the whole of the said defendants may be required to give bond and good security [that?] they will not remove your oratrix or either of her said children out of the jurisdiction of your worshipful court with the death of the said Comfort Osborn or until the further order of your worshipful court and until such bond shall be given that your worships would take such order for the protection of your oratrix and her said children as shall be just and right And that such other and further relief may be extended to your oratrix and her said children as to equity belongs and is suited to the particular "[illegible]" of her case may it please your [worships?] graciously to grant &c A W. Henry for pltff