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Barbara: Freedom Suit, Scott County (Part 1 of 2)

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Scott County, "'illegible]' Barbara a woman of colour vs | BIll in Chy Osburn and others

1823 February. A. M. Henry Esqr afd plt & praer of Bill granted & Bill filed March cont. Apl [Nun?][spa May & June cont. July. Augt. Sept cont.

Oct. Compt. & children Order to be taken into Custody by Shff. Nov Decr. cont. 1824 Jany Feby. March Apl May cont. June July. Augt. Sept. Oct Nov. cont. Decr. cont. 1825 Jany. Feby. March. Apl. May. June. July. Augt. Sept. cont. Nov Decr. cont. 1826 Jany. Feby. March. Apl. May cont. June. July. Augt. Sept. Oct. Nov. Decr. 1827 Jany. to May cont. Jun to Decr. 1828 Jany. to May cont. Jun to Decr. 1829 Jany. to April cont. May Supl Bill filed & sworn "[illegible]" & Complts placed in the [care?] & protection of A. M Henry. June to Decr. Conts

1830 Jany to Decr.conts. 1831 Jany to Decr. conts. 1832 Jany to Decr. conts. 1833 Jany to Decr. conts. 1834 Jany to Decr. conts. 1835 Jany to Decr. conts. 1836 Jany to Decr. conts. 1837 Jany on motion of pet ordered to be stricken from docket