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Abby: Freedom Suit, Petersburg City (Part 1 of 2)

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and if all these points be decided against your oratrixes and orator they then with confidence ask. 4 ask Bradley when he executed the deed of emancipation aforesaid and " " " "intitled [entitled] only to an undivided fifth part of his mother negroes can all those negroes be subjected to the payment of his debts, or after an enjoyment of liberty for almost twelve years ought any of them and which with their posterity again to be reduced to a state of Bondage during their whole lives. Your oratrixes and orator here state their disposition (if Justice shall be required it to be hired and labour for a limitted time until by the sweat of their brow they shall have discharged their quota of whatever it may be thought ought to be levied out of Bradley's interest in the negroes of his mother but on every principle of justice and of mercy they appeal to your honor to shield them from hopeless never ceasing slavery. To the end therefore that the said Andrew Woodley and Eliza his wife and the said Edward Winston and Woody his wife and the said David Bradley and Eliza his wife if it thought that they ought properly to be made defendants hereto may on their oaths full true and perfect answer make to the premises. That your honor may injoin [enjoin] the former from selling your oratrixes and orator by virtue of their said execution until the ensuing term at least of this court and may then permit your oratrixes and orator to prosecute this their suit in forma pauperum and may assign their counsel to manage the same, and may then or whenever the business shall come regularly before you make such decree in the premises as may protect those who seek a preservation of liberty without improperly injuring those who seek to acquire a just debt and that your honor may grant to oratrixes and orator such other and farther relief in the premises as may be consistent with equity. May it please your honor (the