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Abby: Freedom Suit, Petersburg City (Part 1 of 2)

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about the year One thousand Seven hundred and ninety, whereby the right to such of the said Slaves and their increase as had not been disposed of by her devolved upon and was vested in this affiant his sister Mary Sturrock wife of David Sturrock his sister Sarah wife of Alexander Taylor the Children of Elizabeth wife of Stith Parkham who died in the life of her mother and in David Bradley the only surviving Child of the said Mary Bradley by her second husband the aforesaid Parsons Bradley. That Abby and Sally two of the present Complainants have been from the time of their birth considered and reputed to be the Children of the above named Cloe. and that his said Mother was possessed of them as her own absolute property at the time of her death that the other Complainants are Children of the said Sally according to general reputation and belief And this affiant farther saith, that having understood and had good Cause to believe that her said Mother in her lifetime frequently expressed a desire that her Slaves should be emancipated at her death and declared that she would emancipate them by her will (he and she believes all the others interested of proper age to assent) agreed that the said David Bradley might execute a deed of emancipation to the said Slaves in his own name which was done accordingly in September of the year one thousand seven hundred and ninety two, since which time neither this affiant nor any of the other Children of the said Mary Bradley as far as he knows or believes have pretended to any claim or demand in or to the said negroes or any of them and this affiant repeats Solemnly, that the said David Bradley was only interested one fifth part in the said Slaves and that they could before the