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Intemperance Intemperance! How many start at the mere mention of the word! Intemperance! that fiend which has found its way into many a peaceful family circle, and which never fails to bring poverty and ruin with it! Many mourn over it as the cause of their destruction, and the destruction of all they hold dear on earth, as well as of all their hopes for the future. Without taking into account the misery which the drunkard himself suffers, what wretchedness and shame does he often bring on his family and friends! They dread his approach and blush at the mention of his name. His wife after having tried in vain to reform him, sinks prematurely into the grave, and another victim is recorded "sacrificed to the Demon Intemperance." His children having no one to restrain their passions, grow up in crime and perhaps follow their father's footsteps to a drunkards grave, or end their miserable lives on the gallows.

Intemperance is the harbinger of a great many other evils which naturally follow in its track.Many of the more bold and flagrant crimes are the immediate results of the too free use of intoxicating drink.This, I think, no one will attempt to deny. We have but to look around us to see abundant proof of it. Probably one half of the crimes which are committed in this country may be traced either directly or indirectly to the habitual use of ardent spirits. Intemperance is one of the most prevalent evils with which our land is cursed. It is to be found in almost every neighborhood and among all classes of men. Let us all take warning then, and profit by the bad example of others.

George D. Cowden