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George Cowden letter, 1864 May 27

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we were paid. Three of them were from our squad, Reuben Hahn & two others from Springfield. They left us at Bellaire. They will be advertised, and unless they go to Canada they will very likely be arrested, Seventy deserters were brought in here under guard last evening. Money would be no inducement to me to desert. I think we have a very good Capt. We are going to present him a sword today worth $85 without the belt. I cannot give you a list of our Co. this time but I may in a future letter. Our non-commiss have all been appointed. The Capt. agreed to let us elect them but Long had a pet that he wanted to get into the highest office and the Capt gave way to him. The pet's name is Matthews. I did not get much and did not expect anything by appointment I have got to the foot of my sheet, G.D. Cowden