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Letter, 1862 May 16

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for I am sory that I have not got but one letter sence the alection [election] and I have sent money at Different times to the amunt of twntey five Dollers but she nver lets me no if she gets it or not I wish that u wold find out how mutch she has reced and how she is makin out and let me no as sune as u can tel her that I am well and still think of her in mi wakin ours and Dream of her wen a sleep but i think she be treted me with a Rite smart of neglect in not riting to me and i think very hard of it i might of sent more Money / but I did not no whether she got that or not tharfore I was a frade to sen enney more utell I find out whether she got that or not and untell I find out i shal send enney more