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Report and resolutions of a Committee of the House of Burgesses, 1769 May 18.

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Grievances; Therefor, in Justice to ourselves and our Posterity, as well as to the Traders of Great-Britain concerned in the American Commerce, we, the Subscribers, have voluntarily and unanimoully entered into the following Resolutions, in Hopes that our Example will induce the good People of this Colony to be frugal in the Use and Consumption of British Manufactures, and that the Merchants and Manufactures of Great-Britain may, from Motives of Interest, Friendship, and Justice be engaged to exert themselves to obtain for us a Redres of those Grievances, under which the Trade and Inhabitants of America at present labour; We do therefore most earnestly recommend this our Associations to the ferious Attention of all Gentlemen Merchants, Traders, and other Inhabitants of this Colony, in Hopes, that they will very readily and cordially accede thereto. First, It is UNANIMOUSLY agreed on and resolved this 18th Day of May, 1769, that the Subscribers, as well by their own Example, as all other legal Ways and Means in the Power, will promote and encourage Industry and Frugality, and discourage all Manner of Luxury and Extravagance. Secondly, That they will not at any Time hereafter, directly or indirectly import, or cause to be imported, any Manner of Goods, Merchandize, or Manufactures, which are, or shall hereafter be taxed by Act of Parliament, for the Purpose of raising a Revenue in America (except Paper, not exceeding Eight Shillings Sterling per Ream, and except such Articles only, as Orders have been already sent for) nor purchase any such after the First Day of September next, of any Person whatsoever, but that they will always consider such Taxation, in every Respect, as an absolute Prohibition, and in all future Orders, direct their Correspondents to ship them no Goods whatever, taxed as aforesaid, except as is above excepted. Thirdly, That the Subscribers will not hereafter, directly or indirectly, import or cause to be imported from Great-Britain, or any Part of Europe (except such Articles of the Produce or Manufacture of Ireland as may be immediately and legally brought from thence, and except also all such Goods as Orders have been already sent for) any of the Goods herein after enumerated, viz. Spirits, Wine, Cyder, Perry, Beer, Ale, Malt, Barley, Pease, Beef, Pork, Fish, Butter, Cheese, Tallow, Candles, Oil, Fruit, Sugar, Pickles, Confectionary, Pewter, Hoes, Axes, Watches, Clocks, Tables, Chairs, Looking Glasses, Carriages, Joiners and Cabinet Work of all Sorts, Upholstery of all Sorts, Trinkets and Jewellery, Plate and Gold, and Silversmith's Work of all Sorts, Ribbon and Millinery of all Sorts, Lace of all Sorts, India Goods of all Sorts, exotic Spices, Silks of all Sorts, except Sewing Silk, Cambrick, Lawn, Muslin, Gauze, except Boulting Cloths, Calico or Cottons Stuffs of more than Two Shillings per Yard, Linens of more than Two Shillings per Yard, Woollens, Worked Stuffs of all Sorts or more than One Shilling and Six Pence per Yard, Broad Cloths of all Kinds at more than Eight Shillings per Yard, Narrow Cloths of all Kinds at more than Three Shillings per Yard, Hats, Stockings (Plaid and Irish Hose excepted) Shoes and Boots, Saddles, and all Manufactures of Leather and Skins of all Kinds, until the late Acts of Parliament imposing Duties on Tea, Paper, Glass, &c. for the Purpose of raising a Revenue in America, are repealed, and that the will not, after the First of September next, purchase any of the above enumerated Goods of any Person whatsoever, unless the above mentioned Acts of Parliament are repealed. Fourthly, That in all Orders, which any Subscribers may hereafter send to Great-Britain, they shall and will expressly direct their Correspondents not to ship them any of the before enumerated Goods, until the before mentioned Acts of Parliament are repealed; and if any Goods are shipped to them contrary to the Tenor of this Agreement, they will refuse to take the same, or make themselves chargeable therewith. Fifthly,

Fifthly, That they will not import any Slaves, or purchase any imported, after the First Day of November next, until the said Acts of Parliament are repealed. Sixthly, That they will not import any Wines of any Kind whatever, or purchase the same from any Person whatever, after the First Day of September next, except such Wines as are already ordered, until the Acts of Parliament imposing Duties thereuon are repealed. Seventhly, For the better Preservation of the Breed of Sheep, That they will not kill, or suffer to be killed, any Lambs, that shall be yeaned before the First Day of May, in any Year, nor dispose of such to any Butcher or other Person, whom they may have Reason to expect, intends to kill the same. Eightly and Lastly, That these Resolves shall be binding on all and each of the Subscribers, who do hereby each and every Person for himself, upon his Word and Honour, agree that he will strictly and firmly adhere ot and abide by every Article in this Agreement, from the Time of his signing the same, for and during the Continuance of the before mentioned Acts of Parliament, or until a general Meeting of the Subscribers, after one Month's public Notice, shall determine otherwise, the second Article of this Agreement still for ever continuing in full Power and Force.

Peyton Randolph, Robert Carter Nicholas, Richard Bland, Archibald Cary, Richard Henry Lee, Charles Carter, Lancaster, George Washington, Carter Braxton, Severn Eyre, Richard Randolph, Patrick Henry, jun. Peter Jonhston, Henry Lee, Nathaniel Terry, Thomas Whiting, Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Nelson, jun. James Walker, John Alexander, Champion Travis, George Ball, Thomas Harrison, Thomas Claiborne, John Blair, jun. Thomson Mason, Josias Payne, jun. Burwell Basset, Richard Anderson, James Scott, jun. John Green, Wison MIles Cary, Gabriel Jones, Willis Riddick, Thomas Galscok, John Woodson, Benjamin Howard, Isaac Read, Foushee Tebbs, Edward Osborne, Francis Peyton, Abraham Hite, James Wood, Richard Baker, Edwin Gray, Robert Mumford, Amelia. Henry Taylor, Joseph Cabell, Alexander Tres, John May, David Mason, William Macon, jun. Hugh Innes, Bolling Stark, Robert Bolling, Paul Carrington, Thomas Walker, William Cabell, jun. Nathaniel Edwards, jun. Robert Rutherford, Thomas Barbour, Charles Lynch, James Hamilton, John Wilson Augusta, William Clayton, Robert Munford, Mecklenburg. Thomas Bailey, Thomas Scott, Lewis Burwell, John Harmanson, Thomas Parramore, John Donelson, Cornelius Thomas, Thomas Johnson, John Lewis, jun. William Roane, William [illegible] Hartwell Cooke, John Talbot, Richard Lee, Joseph Hutchings, Edward Hack Moseley, jun. John Ackiss, James Bridger, David Meade, Southy Simpson, Peter Poythress, Philip Ludwell Grymes, Charles Carter, King George. Richard Starke, Clerk to the Association.