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Marck, Ulric: Petition, Dinwiddie County

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obliged to ask the attention of the House to a matter of some moment to himself and he hopes not unworthy of public notice. In the month of January 1781, your memorialist was engaged as a volunteer in a Corps of light Dragoons under the command of Maj. Cadw: Jones, and in a charge upon the advanced post of the Enemy at Portsmouth, he was dismounted & his Collar Bone dislocated, by which accident his Horse, which cost him [unit?] 15,000 tobacco with very valuable accoutrements fell into the Hands of the Enemy, as will appear from the certificates granted him by the officer commanding the corps, to which he was attached. Under the accumulated losses and difficultys he finds himself compelled & has orders to ask the Interposition & aid of the Honourable House of Delegates for Relief; the moneys & goods, which have at different times been furnished to the state, are the Property of his Partners & Employers resident beyond sea as well as those, who are within the Commonwealth and who interest themselves, alike, in whatever affects the Honour & Interest of the united states of america; with those & with himself he feels it difficult to account for a reduction in the value of their Property, without any failure or delay on their Part, at the same time that their conduct has been guided by the strictest Regard to Punctuality and Justice and every Benefit, which could possibly result from the several transactions herein stated, have been derived

to the Commonwealth, and he begs leave to add, that if aught in the Conduct of an Individual can claim the attention of the Legislature, he flatters himself he shall experience a very favorable decision; His person and his people have ever been at the public Devotion. Beside the sums herein mentioned to have been advanced on publick account, he has furnished several considerable sums to the different loan offices, as well as £20,000 upon Govor. Jefferson's publick letter of February 1780 & for which the state is still his Debtor. he has also a demand upon the state due in August next for near [units?] 200,000 tobacco, for goods sold some time since, a sum of no inconsiderable importance to him & for which he begs the House will order Provision to be made for Payment by the time it shall become due, as the disappointment thereof would be very prejudicial to him in his present circumstances. To these several transactions he begs leave to appeal, in the name of his Employers, his Partners & himself as proofs of their sentiments & attachment to the Country he inhabits & of which he flatters himself to become a citizen; he prays that the parties interested therein may have their claims so established, that at some future Day, when the state of the public funds will permit it, they may receive the full value of their property and Money, & that neither their fortune or Credit may be injured, by their zeal for the public welfare, but that both will be