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Turpin, Philip: Petition, Richmond City

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2 satisfaction that he had once more put his foot on the American shore During my stay in town we had much conversation about the Preasant War in all which I found not the smallest simptoms of Diseffection in him but very much the reverce. I was about that time seting out to Virginia the Doctr was extreamly anxious to come on with me but could by no means get dischargd from the ship that he had come over in & surgion to untill he had procurd a person to fill his office which was out of his power to do During my stay he at length told me that an opportunity for the Chesipeck would offer in the 3 the Course of a few days he would endeavour to get a passage there when he hoped something might turn up that would give him an opportunity of giting among his friends. I asked the Doctr in the course of conversation the the Reason of his being a Surgion to a Kings Ship he assurd me that it was very disagreable to him but that necessaty had compeld the measure that he thought it might put in his power to git once more to Virga with his friends. the sevier want of money had drove him to that only alternative. I recolect his mentioning to me several times his unwillingness to part with his books which was really valuable