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Wyndam Bolling Blanton diary, 4 August-19 September 1915

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rarely got infections. Aug 5 15 5 new cases came in during the night and I was busy most of the morning, cleaning up and putting on fresh dressings. In afternoon put on two extentions calculated to treat compound humeral features. These were bad cases coh. the French has operated on at the front removing all fragments of bone thus interfering with the process of repair. Another case showed an abdominal incision in the mid-line from the ensiliform [ensiform] cartilage to the pubes - a real foreign incision. The other two were fractured elbows. Worked on these until after dark. At night developed some more pictures. Aug 6 - 15 Ordinary work of 83, Dressings adjusting apparatus and putting up two compound, elbow fractures. At night helped to print some pictures till ten thirty. Then home and to bed - desperately tired - too tired to write letters wh. I had anticipated. The busiest day is most often the day about which I