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Wyndam Bolling Blanton diary, 4 August-19 September 1915

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me, they have been polite, they have even flattered me c there own complimentation & the repeated complimentation of the blesses & others. "But still all is vanity says the preacher" & I cannot not forget, or close my eyes. I am thankful that the "still small voice" whispered ofttimes when the clamor of other things is quite confusing. And when it is dark, and chart & compass fail I feel that someone steers. Tonight as I was leaving my ward someone touched me on the shoulder & said "Dr., Ainsworth (an Englishman) at the end of the ward would like to speak to you before you leave." I immediately retraced my steps to come to Ainsworth's bed. I took an extention apparatus off of him today. He has been in bed since September last & tonight I imagined he was suffering a little & wanted me to help him. Not so! When I reached his bed he produced a glass and bade me drink. I shook my head & handed the glass back c the reply "I never do"! And yet I really wanted to -- not because