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Wyndam Bolling Blanton diary, 4 August-19 September 1915

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up in a rush as tho he had to do the same thing a dozen times before sunset. On his chest is a bar & on it a line of medals just short of a half dozen. The remains of once a man now steps forward. The commander produces a paper, reads rapidly in French the deeds for which the capt. is distinguished, draws his sword quickly, touches him once on each shoulder, pins on the medal of the legion of honor, kisses him once on each cheek and the deed is done. Then everybody claps, cameras are snapped, and the capt. gets an armful of flowers. There are many wearers of the legion of honor these days. Too many they say. One remembers the words of Mark Twain "He is to be congratulated who goes thru France without being decorated with the legion of honor." Aug 11 '15 Saw Dr. Judd take 3 hrs to find the musculospinal nerve. When found it proved to have been severed in a compound fractured humerus. He could only bring scar tissue together & no fresh nerve elements. I can't see any prospects for a good result. He made this mistake in operating. He went [illegible] on the