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Wyndam Bolling Blanton diary, 4 August-19 September 1915

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can, will, or have done beats all other virtues where one is painfully polite at the same time. Dr Judd who leaves at the end of the week took me aside today to say that people are cussed out so much in this world that it does good frequently to complement. Then he went on to say that our house surgeon, Newbauer had told him that "X" was the best of the four men on Dr. Blakes service this summer. "X" was quicker to catch on as he expressed it. Probably no one will see this outside of the family & therefore I can afford to say it. Dr. Newbauer leaves for USA at the end of week & Dr Lee of the Penn. service comes on in his place. Aug 19 '15 Saw Blake suture an ulular nerve, remove foreign bodies from a leg & Dr Allison do a tenotomy on a partially ankylosed knee. Dressings in my new wards. In one my cart nurse cant talk any English. Down town in afternoon for money, pictures & darning treads. Talked the war over c Durham at night & then went home to get off a letter. Began a book of the comments by the wounded on the way they were injured. Aug 20 15 Nothing worth writing about. This would have appeared long ago if I had cared for the weight & significance of what I was today. But