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Wyndam Bolling Blanton diary, 4 August-19 September 1915

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Aug 23 '15 I am too tired to write after a very trying day. Some of my cases are nerve racking, yelling all during dressings & trying to hold yr arm to prevent you touching the wounds I have three cases that take over three hours to dress. One has a hand wh. was burned by his bandage catching on fire, a comp. fracture of the forearm, a comp. fracture of the femur c [with] multiple wounds of the thighs & leg. I should write some letters but am too sleepy. The outlook is bad. I am afraid we are going to have war. Aug 24 '15 Engaged passage by the Espange (Fr.) sailing from Bordeaux Sept 18. Vic leaves tomorrow to visit Dr Maguire to whom he has a letter of introduction. We had an exploratory lap. today on a man c [with] a supposed high small intestinal obstruction. A distended stomach was all to be found. The op. ended c lavage wh. seemed to bring the man around. Oxford men tell me it takes $1500 a year to live there; that they dress very poorly (grey flannel trousers & checked Norfolk jackets), the college term is 8 wks & there are three of them & they lead a rather indolent life.