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Wyndam Bolling Blanton diary, 4 August-19 September 1915

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now have nearly two hundred fileus. Today one of my patients gave me a ring - an aluminum ring which he made himself, getting the material from the point of a shell. The shells are pointed with this material. The workmanship is very good, a clover leaf stands out in relief + the whole is highly polished. Sept 1. 15- Our second pt died this summer. The above sentence shows what bad English we write. What I set out to say was that the second pt we have had to die this summer expired last night. In the morning Blake did a very wonderful op. - A high amputation of a long. compound infected leg, the pt having a septisemia + an endocarditis at the same time. Pyper gave a nice gas Ether anesthesia. Blake worked periously hard + rapidly, cussing every one out. He singled me out to put on an Eswark to [begins?] with. He began by going into the abdomen finding the common iliac & having an assistant hold it during the whole op. Laddie Brewer surprised me in the afternoon by coming into the ward. He is just back from a summer at Dunkirk. He sought medical advice & turned quite pale & would have fainted if I had not