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Wyndam Bolling Blanton diary, 4 August-19 September 1915

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Sept 4 1915 Heard yesterday that quantities of my mail went down c the Arabic. Today my wards were increased by four. I am now in charge of seven wards - 79, 262, 167, 168, 169, 170, 171.

Sept. 5, 1915 Arived with "sauf conduits" we were at the Gare du Nord at 9:36. He Dr. Startard of California met us by appointment & we boarded the train for Juilly & the American hospital there. Dr. S. is an orthopedic surgeon, and a conversationalist of both untiring and tiring [resonches?] He occupied our compartment c us and there was not about which he did not feel qualified to talk elaborately. Did gave advice too bits of which were good. Don't become a hero worshiper (Dr. Blake) Visit all the other hospital you can to see what they are doing. At the station we found an ambulance which had come over for us. It is but a few kilometres over to the hospital. Here we were met by Foote who showed us over the building. Dark, damp, dingy, dirty and monastic it looked. A low irregular white stone structure, c tile roof, high wall & gate and a large & beautiful Garden all its own. St. Geneveve is it patron