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Wyndam Bolling Blanton diary, 4 August-19 September 1915

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Saint and her image is every where. She has a beautiful spring dedicated to her & she is said to have saved the village from the German hordes last fall. At least the villagers think as much for when the enemy fell back after the battle of the Marne they paraded in her honor. I should say that the building was up to the war a famous school at which Napoleon is reputed to have studied. Returning from a short walk over the grounds we found dinner ready & had the pleasure of meeting many old & new friends. There were Dr. Drennon & wife (surgeon in chief) Dr. Judd & wife, Dr. Stillman, Dr. Clark, and Jessup & West and Quint. After dinner Mrs. Judd took the pictures of us all. We then went up to see a case of Tetanus in one of the wards. A case which had had a simple op on the finger. No one had thought of giving the antitetanic serum & he develops the disease. The irony of fate! He had a spasm while we were there. So bad that we tracheotomized him. A few minutes after this he had another spasm and died. They have had about a dozen cases of gas infection. Andy West has done some good work on