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Wyndam Bolling Blanton diary, 4 August-19 September 1915

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handsome, but very bright & gaudy. A happy rather than a somber attitude toward death - French in every detail. On the walls were to be seen the silk worm, chickens, sheep, dogs and rabbits, to commemorate his work on colera, anthrax and rab

Sept 16 15 Spent afternoon downtown. American passport visae at cost of 6 F. 10 c. French passport 68 c [centimes] Sauf conduit from [*ully] Police. The French government is giving us a military railroad pass by which we ride first class for nothing to Bordeaux. That tickles me a little.

Sept. 17 15 The derniere [dernier] jour at the hospital. The saying of farewell. Dr. Blake was not at the hospital today so we will have to write him our appreciations. Dr. Allison was very nice & asked me to think of settling in St Louis when I was through my medical training. He is our orthopedic surgeon. The parting c the pts was touching for me, and I was very sorry to tell some of the nurses goodbye and