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Wyndam Bolling Blanton diary, 4 August-19 September 1915

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had been sunk by German submarines within a week very near the point at which we then anchored. This knowledge had furnished food for excited conversation all the way down the river & there was much rattle brain speculation concerning our chances of being torpedoed and what we would do & how we would do it. It now became dusk very rapidly and numerous small boats from other unknown ships nearby made toward us & there was a great deal of exchange of intelligences & messengers with sealed dispatches climbed up the sides of our ship, and made sure that the captain received them in his own hands. We all naturally wondered if they were reports of hope or disappointment for us. It was now fully dark, but the moon came up and with it a new vessel, a dark little steamer she was, with curious rigging, quite narrow & clean cut & small enough to be taken on our deck had we had the means & the inclination. Pearing at her we discovered