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McCall, Archibald: Petition, Richmond County

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and that the Horrors arising from thence, would soon dispose both Parties to a reconciliation on honourable and equitable Terms, Under the influence of these hopes he continued until a number of unforeseen events, had so far exasperated all sides, as to render it unsafe for any Man to Migrate from Great Britain into any of the new states. Your Memorialist by his Friends in Virginia Presented a Petetion to a former house for leave to return with the only Daughter which providence had then left for his Comfort, his Petition was heard, leave was granted and in Consequence thereof, a Passport obtained from the Executive for their return. Your Memorialist received the Passport, but not before the time therein fixed for his return had well-nigh expired, What should he do? To return without Proper leave (as he then must have done) might have been deemed Illegal and he might have been sent to the place from when he came which then would have afforded him no Asylum, To Guard against this, Petitions after Petition; were presented to former houses by his friends; but they only served to Prove that his fears were well Grounded sorry was he to find himself excluded from that Country.