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Wyndam Bolling Blanton medical notebook, July-September 1915

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[Page] 14

Arribat Basile 35 Fr. RB wound of left forearm middle 1/3. Comp fracture of ulnar c [with] loss of bone for a distance of 6-8 cm.

Been in 5 mo. c [with] max temp of 101°. Wore aluminum splint for 3 1/2 months c [with] a little discharge all the while. Was ambulant most of the time. Phy Exam. Injured hand is warmer & slightly larger. Sweating more marked on hand & forearm of injured side. Nails of injured side curved. Color of two sides same Strength at shoulder normal. At elbow flexion & extension weak as were pronation & supernation. At wrist there is little motion. In fingers flexion & extension limited. Abduction & adduction good. Passive motion at elbow limited

[two sketches of arm: the first one with elbow not fully extended, and the second one with the elbow not fully flexed]