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Wyndam Bolling Blanton medical notebook, July-September 1915

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[Morchoisne?] Chas. 24 Fr. Hand grenaid [grenade] wound of both hands & left forearm c [with] op. amputation of left forearm (mid. 1/3). Came in c [with] rt. hand badly infected oedematous & very dirty. The stump of left forearm showed a granulating wound fairly clean. Sod. bicarb. soak. Mechanical removal of dead tissue. Soap & peroxide, followed by alcohol. Red wash wet dressing. Most of selling subsided & doing well 5 days after admission. Hand put up on flat board splint object being to straighten forearm carpal articulation. Max temp. 98+

[sketch of fully wrapped forearm with thumb placed fully out to the side]