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Wyndam Bolling Blanton medical notebook, July-September 1915

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[Verenesch] Julien 30, Fr. [page] 20 RBW of left thigh. Compound fracture of left femur upper 1/3. Max. temp. 100°+ There is a good deal of discharge. Pt came in 2 mo. after injury s (without) any [illegible] c [with] limb in a plaster wh. enveloped the left leg, body & rt. leg down to knee. was put up in a pillow splint for time c extension abduction and elevation by pillows. A few days afterward apparatus changed as indicated in diagram Oedema of leg was [marked?] after change due to popliteal pressure. Whole leg & foot to toes was then covered c cotton & tightly bandaged. Since then oedema has not inconvenienced pt. & he has improved