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Joyce Raiford letter to Fletcher Raiford, 4 July 1939

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You and he would have a good time golfing together. I think Lisee plays some, too. How is Agee making out? Doesn't that gun rather over-load him? I should think he'd be almost worn to a frazzle by this time. I'm going to use Mother Joy's typewriter to write[Dorie. I want to practice on it some. I've found two new Book-of-the-Month Club books I want to read. I didn't think I could afford them, but wanted to read them. I think Mother Joy buys them all! The aunts wished so much that you could have come. They're such sweet old ladies. I wish you could know them better - especially Little Auntie. When we get back tomorrow I'll write our beach address - if we have one. I love you - so much! Your Woman