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Joyce Raiford letter to Fletcher Raiford, 5 July 1939

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so I went - I wished for you so much! You know if I enjoyed it, it was a cracker jack! This place is crazy over baseball - I never saw anything like it - Valdosta and Waycross played Monday night, Tuesday afternoon, and again Tuesday night! The stands were packed with the most enthusiastic crowd - I kept up with the game by watching the score board which had lights for balls, strikes, etc. - fastest game, too! When it was over the line of cars leaving looked like a line leaving a Duke football game! These people don't miss a game - I just don't see why it didn't work out so you could vacation down here with me - just not right - Daddy Julian would have the time of his life golfing with you, and taking you to baseball games - he golfs every day, I think - While we were driving through Brunswick today we wanted you so much - You've never seen Georgia like it is down here - the deep South, you know - and Brunswick is that! You drive over the Marshes of Glynn (Sidney Lainer's poem, remember?) just before entering Bruns - and that's lovely - I wish you could see the old trees in the town! The hugest old oaks, spreading over the streets, and covered with that hanging moss - It's a lazy town - you wouldn't think of driving over 15 miles