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Joyce Raiford letter to Fletcher Raiford, 27 March 1940

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Wednesday afternoon Dear Boozie - I was so glad to get your letter! I had just been through that ordeal of shampooing all this hair, and was drying it with your heater when Mother brought your letter upstairs - and did I devour it! It's so pretty out this afternoon, you boys are probably having a volley-ball game - Or haven't you gotten around to that yet? All day I've been feeling like I got up too early - Mrs. Ryland Camp is a ridiculously early caller - and Mother called me downstairs to see her - Must have started me off wrong - This afternoon I felt more like sleeping than anything else - So my daily visit with Dorie was just a telephone chat this time - Boozie, you would have laughed at me with Mother's coat on - she took mine to the cleaner's today, so there was nothing else for me to wear when I rode down with