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Joyce Raiford letter to Fletcher Raiford, 27 March 1940

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her a while ago to get some groceries - You know it's much too small for me ordinarily; well, I didn't get out of the car, anyway! Vaughan and Rosalia saw me downtown and came over to speak - R. must be here for spring holidays - Vaughan looked good, I thought, wearing another snazzy suit! He said he was sorry not to have seen you Easter - and I explained as how you were consulting physician at the hospital - Tell me - does Slim know about the Babee? I never said anything to him - Mother has been fixing up the clothes-basket that Phil and Ellis slept in - She's been trying to fix it up with more lace - I warned her that it might be a boy - And that the Babee's daddy might not want his son to even get close to so much fol-de-rol - Boozie, have you been spreading out, all over the bed to your heart's content? I just realized last night that I could if I wanted to - and then I wondered what you were doing - (although I know without asking!) Really, though, I much prefer trying to sleep on 3 inches - and having My Man to snuggle to!