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Joyce Raiford letter to Fletcher Raiford, 1 April 1940

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I noticed what may have been the beginning - I said something to you - tho' you probably don't recall - Anyway, he gave me salve and told me to stay off my feet (also to help my thick ankles, too!) I also brought home some vitamin capsules to take 3 times a day - So I can't sit back and let up on being careful yet! Addison also said that from the condition of the cervix I needn't expect the Baybee anytime soon - That's encouragement for you, isn't it? I got awfully excited, though, when Addison took a picture of me, and I got a glimpse of it - Boozie, the Baybee looked much [Written down the left side of page - Addison said my tummy skin is in good condition - ]