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Joyce Raiford letter to Fletcher Raiford, 1 April 1940

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bigger than I thought he would. Pop pointed out the head, which was bigger than I expected, and the backbone, and the legs & knees - You'd be able to tell much more than I could - Oh, I wish you could see the picture! Maybe I can give you an idea -

[Hand drawn picture of baby inside stomach follows with the following label inscriptions]

Backbone -> | | <- legs & knees

                  |            | <--my left side, wouldn't it be? Or is picture backward?

Right side? | | <- pelvis (me) Doesn't explain that poking out on my right side.


That's the location of the parts anyway - Only they were all larger and filled up more space - How does that look to you? I tell you, I really got excited when I actually saw the head and backbone! -they were most distinguishable to me -