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Joyce Raiford letter to Fletcher Raiford, 13 July 1939

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airplane ride today but we didn't get around to it - We may get it in tomorrow morning - We leave early in the afternoon 'cause Lisee has to be back for a date, you know! You should have seen her today, getting ready for that date - She's brown as mahogany, almost, and today she decided to give her hair a good dose of olive oil while she baked on the beach - She looked like a little pickaninny the rest of the day! The real estate agents are still wasting a lot of time on Mother & M. Joy - I think they've been out on a sight-seeing tour almost every day - But after the outcome of the excitement last year, the rest of us know better than to pay much attention! - However, D. Julian has also become interested (then it's time to sit up a little) and took us to see the cottages before it got dark - Two of them are occupied by doctors! We thought that rather singular - and thought it nice to buy a cottage that already has a medical atmosphere - One even has a rose-bush on the fence, and a small greenhouse, as well as an outdoor fireplace! Will have to describe the other to you later - Just suppose we get one of them! Mother also found a baby crib in the yard for little Harry Lindsay (that's what she has named him) -