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Joyce Raiford letter to Fletcher Raiford, 13 July 1939

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had just about enough vacation - I'm getting a little anxious to see Aug. 1st roll around - I was remembering Richmond today, and got really homesick for it - I think I'll be ready to go! (The real reason, of course, is that I'm tired of playing around with the family and want to get away with you alone)! (that's what marriage did for me - funny thing, isn't it? but I like it) - that is, I like it when I have my husband - The lady next door (I call her 'lady' with some reservations!) still wakes us up bright and early every morning, yelling at her kids - She has almost spoiled our stay here - Heaven knows what it will be like when her other kid and his lungs arrive! Sometimes D. Julian goes around the house yelling at us, imitating her - and her house is so close it's a wonder she doesn't hear him - Guess she's yelling too loud herself - I'm still paying for that first day M. Joy and I spent in the water - My shoulders started peeling today - and do I hat that! Not much - just enough to look dirty - Just because we were having such a good bull session we forgot to come out -