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Joyce Raiford letter to Fletcher Raiford, 25 April 1940

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[preprinted letterhead Raiford Hospital Franklin, Virginia R. L. Raiford, M.D., Philip Jacobson, M.D., T. Addison Morgan, M.D., James P. Broaddus, D.D.S. H. A. Purnell Business Manager] Thursday a.m. Dear Boozie - We have just been having a big time - Mother brought the Baby Basket down this morning & Dorie was here, so they fixed the Baybee all up prettily and then nearly had a fit over her! Pop came in a minute and Dorie was just bouncing around - Dorie brought your letter up early this morning - But when I looked at that exam schedule I had a relapse! You know, I had been just hoping a little to myself that maybe you might drive down for a few hours Sunday - but after I saw that little yellow slip of paper, I lost that little bit of hope! I want you to see her now so badly - but I want you to do all your work even more - You have two more reasons to work hard now, don't you? Your Baybee and the president job! Boozie, you'd better hold on to your hair with both hands! Speck said he never heard of one person acquiring so much distinction in such a short time since being an insignificant sophomore - I was going to ask if Daner liked your shoes - but I guess you don't any more - I told Dorie & she said you could just bring them back and she'd dispose of them - she doesn't yet know they're $10 Florsheims, does she? Boozie, I hope we've gotten her little tummy straight now - I declare, I just couldn't stand her having pains - But they stopped giving me mineral oil, and gave her an enema last night after she had spit up her supper - Hope the mineral