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Joyce Raiford letter to Fletcher Raiford, 26 April 1940

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[preprinted letterhead Raiford Hospital Franklin, Virginia R. L. Raiford, M.D., Philip Jacobson, M.D., T. Addison Morgan, M.D., James P. Broaddus, D.D.S. H. A. Purnell Business Manager] Friday - 10:30 a.m. Dear Boozie - You should appreciate these letters - they're written in-between visitors & feedings - and sometimes it looks like there just won't be any time in-between! K and I feel pretty good today, after a real good night - the best yet for us both - Now that she is straight in her tummy and practically on the minute for her feedings, she will begin to gain - She has weighed 7 lbs. all week, but weighed just a bit more this morning - Her legs haven't filled out a bit, but her face has - Her hair is already lighter, too - Yesterday afternoon at 6, when she had to play instead of eating, she was too cute for words! She'd stick her tongue on the dindie, and put her hand on it, and just look wide-eyed at me, and smiled a lot - Mary and I really wanted to just keep her up & play with her! More presents yesterday! The most adorable little pink net bonnet from Alice Grace & Mary Jane - it's really too cute for words! Just matches the carriage set Jack & Reba Holland sent that I wrote you about - Tell them how tickled I am with it when you see them - And Jane Woodside sent a lovely spread that will be big enough to use in the kiddie coop - Mrs. Claude Edwards brought her a white organdie cap, and Boo McCuen Cheves sent a little ring - a tiny gold one - Also something you'll like came from a friend of mine in Valdosta - it is a book for snapshots - we won't have to put pictures in her baby book - I got lovely pink snapdragons from the Dames Club yesterday, too - So you'll have to deliver another message to Malene Grant or whoever you happen to see -