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Joyce Raiford letter to Fletcher Raiford, 16 May 1940

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Yes, I remember the place on Sunset Lane -- I have Ruth's address, and intend to write her this summer -- Who knows? we might get together on living quarters for next winter -- she suggested it herself, you know -- And she's had experience with apartment- hunting -- Boozie, ask Caudill if he has thought about living quarters for next year -- I liked his wife, Lucy, when I saw her at the Dames Club -- The took a month old baby to Richmond -- I wouldn't like to live where they did this year -- Anyway, we want all the irons in the fire possible! I expect to ask Mrs. Smith to watch out for us, too, our in her section -- It's 11:30, and Baybee hasn't whimpered -- She couldn't be better, when she feels good -- The House must be mighty full now -- Where is the world are Bill & Buffey sleeping? I guess they're doing some tall cramming -- just like everybody else! cause it won't be long now -- gee I feel like the atmosphere is mighty close down here, even! If you should have any misspelled words this week, I'll just overlook 'em -- or save 'em till later -- I'll be anxious to talk over the situation long 'bout Sunday night -- Miss Lisee has just about lost her mind over the Baybee! She wants to eat her up all the time -- I do wish the boys could see her -- that's the bad part about having her down here -- wouldn't it be fun to take her around to the House on Sunday afternoon -- Everybody says she'll be cuter than ever by September, though -- 4 o'clock -- Dorie has been up to bring me chicken livers, ice cream, and custard -- She said they're fixing the nursery in No. 11 after all -- said they're starting work this afternoon -- Dr. Ware's ham is on the way, and I'm writing him a note when I finish this --