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Joyce Raiford letter to Fletcher Raiford, 16 May 1940

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The week-ends won't be any fun until you come home -- We still want the Smiths to come for a Sunday when the roses get in full bloom --Your week-ends will be full, though, won't they? Have you really only 2 more days of classes? Well, the sooner it's all over with the better -- If I were you, I'd be glad to see Monday come, because you'll get that Medicine exam out of the way -- I've told myself that many a time -- I think it's a good way to feel about all of them -- it's a lot better than dreading to see the day come, and being scared to go to the classroom -- With a good week-end of real studying, you'll do alright on that Medicine ! Your Woman believes you'll come out fine in all of them -- so don't worry too much about them-- We both love you, Daadee K And I love you more than anything -- Woman

Written along left margin, with arrow pointing to sentence beginning: "Your weekends will be full.": This sounds like I'm hinting for you to bring the Smith's down -- didn't at all -- just two trains of thought mixed up in there--