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Joyce Raiford letter to Fletcher Raiford, 19 May 1940

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Sunday morning - Dear Boozie - The Baybee is mighty cute today! We're having the most fun with her - She's so cute trying to wake up - that's a real show! - and when she yawns, she yawns all over her face and finishes with a big noise just like it felt so good - Ellis is always imitating her - She has been feeling so good that she smiles and grins a lot, and her grin is so contagious you just have to grin, too - Really, she's wonderful - I can't get over it - and she's been just perfect lately - She doesn't sleep as much as she did, so when she's just lying awake in the crib sometimes Mother props her up a little on a pillow on the bed beside me so I can talk to her too - You'll have to get acquainted with her, too, when you come home - I told Ellis I was at a disadvantage because I can't talk baby-talk to her like Mother does - and Ellis said "Well I guess when you get to be a grandmother you can talk it!" Pop just paid me a nice little visit - He had on the suit that Pat M. made for him from Morg's material and I thought it looked good - Pop always goes in and looks at the baby when he gets here, and again when he leaves, but he doesn't say much and doesn't take on over her - I think Miss Lisee wishes he would take on some - She's afraid K is just another baby to him -