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Joyce Raiford letter to Fletcher Raiford, 19 May 1940

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There isn't much to write since I talked to you last night - I was so restless with staying on the bed so much, and reading everything in every magazine in the house, and I tho't since you'd probably call tonight, I'd just call and have a chat and find out what was going on - Miss Lisee got after me about calling you and about talking so long! She's not much on long distance telephoning, you know - I've tried teasing her & cajoling her around to my way of thinking, but she still sees dollar bills flying by the minute I pick up the receiver! I'm just walking around a little and staying on the bed a great deal - This time I won't have to be urged to "take it easy" - Every since the Baybee came I've needed you here to make me behave - that's the whole trouble - I'm glad I had you to "wield the stick" before she came! Medicine will be over when you get this, I guess - and won't you be glad? I'm hoping you hit Porter right - I think you'll get along - even tho' you do "werry" - I love you - Woman Ellis has been swimming twice at the Club -