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Joyce Raiford letter to Fletcher Raiford, 23 May 1940

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Thursday -- Dear Boozie -- I wonder how things are today -- The week is passing rather quickly after all, isn't it? We'll miss having you for the week-end -- but I guess Daddy will get here, because he didn't last Saturday -- and we're wondering what he will say when he finds that the Baybee has taken possession of his bedroom and bathroom -- and what will he say when he looks under his bed! That's the only place Mother had to put all the paraphernalia Mrs. R. Camp sent over here! I forgot to tell you that when K dressed up yesterday she also wore "the gertrude" I made for her -- she told me she was so proud of it she wanted to wear it when she dressed up -- of course I told her she ought to be proud of it, since it was the only one she got! Mrs. Sol Rawls stopped in this morning just as the Baybee was waking up to eat and she said "Why, she doesn't look like just a bundle of baby -- she looks like a real person!" And it's the truth -- she's looking intelligent, and already has her own personality -- It really seems that she knows when she's going to get a bath -- She will be fretting and