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Joyce Raiford letter to Fletcher Raiford, 23 May 1940

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crying, but when Mother walks in the bathroom and turns on the heater, K gets quiet immediately -- It's funny how you watch every little thing about her -- you just can't help it -- I had no idea tiny babies are such fun --Boozie we'll have the best time watching her and playing with her -- we'll have our eye on her routine, but we'll enjoy her, too -- after all, she's ours to enjoy, and we never had anything like her before -- Ellis wants me to ask you if you've heard of any "Gopher Golf" places around Richmond. We think it's something like miniature golf, only requires about 15 acres to be played on -- Ellis had a postcard that was sent to Mr. Cockrell from the G. G. Association in Richmond, asking if one of the graduates wanted a job in Franklin for the summer that might pay him enough to go to college on -- So Ellis answered, mostly for curiosity - and they wrote & asked him to come to Richmond Sat. and see the G. Golf set-up in one of the Richmond parks -- He isn't going, but was curious about it -- thinks he'd kind of like an easy job like running a Gopher Golf course! I'm still wondering about Pediatrics -- Guess I'll find out tomorrow --Hope everything went off alright today -- and tomorrow, too -- I love you -- Woman